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"How can I transfer all my assets to a foreigner I don't even know - without risking that he will just disappear??"

If this question is relevant for you to get answers to, then the answers are here!

Ownership gives you liability, not power or control.
Power comes from control, not ownership.
Control comes with possession, not ownership.

Effective control is exercised in complete privacy....

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in learning about how you can proceed with your plans of "going offshore" - without risking that you might lose everything to one of the many crooks out there.... The whole issue of trusting a Trustee in another country does have some very effective solutions that put you in complete control. But it takes a paradigm shift to see how it works. And that paradigm shift is not possible unless you are willing to spend a little energy on learning about the details behind this.

The author, Mogens Eliasen Please let me introduce myself: My name is Mogens Eliasen. I was born in Denmark, one of the champions on the world scene when it comes to government control and taxation. I immigrated to Canada in 1990. I have also lived in the United States for a few years. I have been self-employed since 1985, and I have several times proven my own concepts, successfully dealing with legal challenges that would make most people give up. I had my preparedness established...

I have lived through several crises with Trustees - all created by unfortunate circumstances that, fortunately, got handled extremely well by the Trustee. From my clients, I also know of numerous examples of other cases where the outcome was less fortunate - and I have friends that have lost their retirement completely to scams...

There are some very general and very powerful concepts behind this. They can ensure that you too can make the right choices and avoid the scams. I hope you will allow me to share them with you...

The Executive Summary:

You are about to learn about how you can control assets without owning them!

Although Trusts originally were developed for the purpose of "setting them up and then not having to care about them anymore", this old-fashioned way of using them is still valid. However, as part of a modern asset protection strategy, where protection of your privacy is the number one concern everything else hinges on, controlling assets in a Trust takes a much more dynamic approach.

Your asset protection strategy must, of course, include a diligent choice of Trustee. And that, in turn, must be made on the basis of a clear understanding from your own side of what you objectives are for your offshore venture.

But it also requires that you take an active role in this - and fully understand the rules and the limitations for your interaction with the Trustee... Once you see all the pieces in the puzzle, it is really just "common sense" - which, unfortunately, as you know, isn't very common at all...

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how it can protect you from being conned into a scam,
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If you do not own any assets whose total value exceeds what you can retain through a personal bankruptcy, but would like to build your business in a world of privacy and tax freedom, you should go here instead.

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This is what you need to know in order to exercise full control over an Offshore Trust (or other entity):

  1. In what country should you establish the Trust? You will be surprised to know how many diligent choices you have! There are only three important exceptions... provided, of course, that you are looking for the right kind of Trust!

  2. What do you need to know about the country in which you domicile your Trust? You will pleasantly surprised to find out how little it is!

  3. Who exactly owns the Trust? You better know...

  4. What the difference is between a Trust and a Trustee - most people screw up on this, and it causes a lot of trouble for themselves...

  5. How can you limit your number of possible choices of Trustee? Simply checking on how they use your name when establishing the Trust for you will tell you a lot about this...

  6. Why your Trustee cannot be a mortal person and should absolutely not be a bank!

  7. Why you should never choose a Trustee that lives in the same country as where the Trust is established...

  8. What International Diversification means when it comes to the Trustee's set-up of his business, as well as his organization of banking for his clients.

  9. What you need a Protector for...

  10. How the government uses ownership to control you...

  11. How you exercise control through structuring win-win deals, also with your Trustee.

  12. How you determine what the Trustee's win is by doing business with you - and how you maintain that motivation.

  13. How you make sure that the Trustee cannot create a win for himself without also creating one for you....

  14. What it takes for you to be able to stop the Trustee in the tracks if he tries to "play games" with you...

  15. How you apply the principle "Divide and Reign" to your relationship with the Trustee...

  16. How you can tell on the Trustee's standard procedures if he is willing to give you the control you need or not...

  17. How you keep the fox out of the chicken coup - and how you identify who the fox is...

  18. How you preserve your privacy at all times - and what you should expect from the Trustee in that regard.

  19. What it takes for you to know how the Trustee will handle a crisis.

You will be surprised to find out how simple all this is - once you have the overview.

But, you know, it has to start with
your getting the knowledge...
and I am willing to share it with you!
I put it all together in an easy-to-read e-book
you can download directly into your computer
- in a matter of less than a minute.

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Mogens - this is the most important information anyone has ever published about offshore matters! At least as far as I know. It is exactly what everyone should understand before they embark on an offshore venture. It should be illegal to set up an offshore trust without first reading this book! ;-)

Brian M., Tennessee

This is why you will find it worth your time to read this book:

The hard work you put into creating what you call yours...

You know what it takes to create wealth - sweat, hard work, worries, long hours, and lots of brain energy.

You have invested a lot in order to get where you are now. Both time and money. You did it because you wanted to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work - and your wanted to secure your loved ones.

You wanted to make sure that the future looked bright for you and your family, no matter what could come in the way...

The wake-up call...

At tax-return time, you get confronted with reality. It hurts to realize how your investments are being eroded by taxes. Tax on capital gain. Tax in interest. Tax on dividends. Tax on business profits - twice.

But the government does not care about you or your family. There is no help to you if you should run into trouble - you will not qualify for as much as $10 loan before you have liquidated all your assets and literally stripped yourself from any chances of getting on your feet again, financially...

You discussed with your accountant what you can do to lower your taxes. You know about the tax-deductions you can get by establishing a government approved investment account - but it really only postpones the taxes - the taxman will get you in the end anyway....

You considered establishing a Trust and have some of your assets transferred to it in order to secure yourself, but the fees are huge, and the benefits quite uncertain. In terms of protecting your Estate, it really does not matter much, as far as your accountant has told you - the tax liability is still there, and your heir(s) will not be able to avoid all the hassle with probate, lawyers, will, etc.

Then there is the ever prevailing problem with running into a lawsuit. People are crazy nowadays. They sue for anything. In your profession, you have some protection from your liability insurance, but that insurance is very expensive - and it really does not cover what you fear the most: the unforeseen problems! You know the court system from bitter experience. You know it is not always predictable - except for the fees and expenses charged by your attorney!

Then there is the issue of "Big Brother" controlling you. Although it, on the surface, appears to be convenient to have all kinds of agencies report all kinds of data to each other, including the government, then the truth really is that it is very easy to misuse this information against you. Also, you already have some experiences with the hassle you have to endure to correct mistakes in this "secret reporting system", you have no access to on a day-to-day basis. Just to get to know what actually is reported on you is a major struggle. It tastes too much of what you know was the start of totalitarian regimes we went to war to destroy...

On top of this, you really don't feel comfortable with detectives and agents of all kinds having easy access to know almost everything they want about you - simply by using the public registers. All that snooping is not compatible with your ideas of privacy.

The only problem is that you can't see how moving your assets into an offshore ownership can be even remotely safe!

But I can show you
- and I promise that it takes no rocket scientist to comprehend it, once you get it all explained!

You might actually curse yourself for not having found out earlier!

But it is hopefully not too late...

Why your advisors cannot advise you on this...

You might have discussed it also with your attorney. He might have explained to you that it won't help you to establish a Trust. Although your payments to it could be tax-deductible, you would have to pay personal income tax on any money you pull out of the Trust... And he might have explained also that you don't own a Trust, so you can't just use it as a bank account.

Well, this is all true - yet not the entire truth. You need to understand that he has learned nothing about this concept in law school - so his professional reputation is at stake if he advises you to go for it.

You should realize that the last thing in the world your government wants to do, is to put into their curriculum the secrets to how you can legally avoid its intimidating control! So, please don't blame your accountant or your attorney for their knowledge being limited...

But you still need your lawyer, although for a completely different purposes than what you might think! There is no need for you to try to protect the Trust - but you might have a serious interest in protecting yourself when you transact business with the Trust...

How do you tell the crooks from the trustworthy Trustees?

First of all, you do not mess up "Trustee" with "Investment manager". Those are two completely different things - and you should not let one business represent them both.

Next, you need the Trustee to be sovereign. You cannot use a Trustee that is seriously dependent on his own government, no matter what kinds of promises you get from that government... Understanding what this entails is quite easy, once you get it explained.

You can get a lot of information from simply judging the size of the Trustee's business - and finding out also what other services he offers. You can get this information from public sources. When you use it right, you can get a very valid estimate of your possible risk.

Finally, you should check on-line for possible problems with the Trustee you have in mind - but you need to exercise some diligence on this one, because you might very well be lead to some terribly wrong conclusions if you take everything for what it appears to be...

This is not a research project. It is within what anyone can and should do.

Dear Mogens Eliasen,

I want to thank you for this book. It just made everything crystal clear for me. I was confused. And I have burnt my nose severely by making some very bad choices in the past. It has cost me about $10,000 to not have your book earlier than now! I can only say, this should be mandatory reading for anyone who contemplates establishing any legal entities offshore.

Tor C., Norway

Are you ready to learn what it takes?

Once you understand the Trustee's perspective of doing business with you, you will also see how you can use this to protect yourself.

Don't worry if you are puzzled. Explaining it in detail takes a bit. Too much for putting on a page like this one. That's why I wrote the book!

The truth is that society has made you believe that ownership is attractive. That might be - for the government. But for you, it is a trap!

(If you don't want to wait any longer, you can get the e-book now .)

What you will discover from this book

Before you can understand how you need to interact with the Trustee, you need to understand the following:

  • Ownership - what it really means and why it is not as attractive as most people have learned to believe;

  • Control - why it is never linked to ownership when it is effective!

  • Taxation - how the government controls you;

  • A Trust - what it is and how it works.

  • A Trustee - what his role is, and what controls him!

  • Banking - why using banks in your own country makes privacy an illusion, why International diversification makes sense, and how you can overcome this privacy issue altogether.

I will explain all this - so do not worry.

It sure sounds overwhelming, but once you see it in print, it is simple to comprehend. I promise.

When you get these principles straight, you will be able to see how much power you can get from organizing your financial affairs so they no longer legally connect your activities and your liability to your assets. Remember, you do not give up any control. Not at all - you actually get more control! And less trouble.

When you get it all set up right, and you use it correctly, you will see that exactly it will take for you to trust the Trustee.

Get the information now!

Hi Mogens,

This book is simply brilliant! I wish you had published it many years ago! It could have saved me a lot of trouble. I still appreciate all the help you have given me, though, sorting out my mess, but seriously, had I had this book in my hands three years ago, there would have been no mess! It is hard to forgive oneself for making such mistakes, when it really is nothing but a matter of using some logic, as you do in this book. But I think the issues get confusing because we get too much misinformation on-line, and we cannot tell the difference between good and bad. In fact, the vast majority is just worthless, at best. Heck, any fool can post "advice" on a web page! I particularly refer to all the idiots who try to teach you to "look for the right jurisdiction" first. Your explanation is hitting the bull's eye - those people don't have a clue what this is all about! It is like listening to a reporter's advice on what stock to invest in. One cannot but wonder why this guy is still working for a salary at a newspaper and not enjoying his retirement on all the profits his smart investments are gushing his way...

Carol M., New York

Summing up: You can set up an Offshore Trust in full privacy and still retain complete control over its assets.

It is a matter understanding the nature of the Trustee's business, getting the right set-up with the right Trustee, and managing the relationship you will get with the Trustee as his client.

There is no reason to look into any crystal balls or other psychic magic. You can protect yourself from being ripped off, by simple rational precautions that make sense.

Go to the download instructions right away.


Here is an outline of your future, once you implement the recommendations from this book:

You will be able to determine your own reasons for going offshore - in a rational way.

You will be able to select a trustworthy Trustee - or to test the one you got already.

You will understand the difference between control and ownership, and you will know how to get control over the Trust's assets without touching ownership of them.

You will be able to protect both yourself and the value of your investment by applying some simple strategies all investors should apply anyway.

You will have an excellent relationship with your Trustee - in complete privacy.

Can you afford to not know about
how you can do this?

Here is where you get this knowledge!

What value would this knowledge have for YOU?

Well, the question is rhetoric - because I know you already know: you have all your assets, your entire wealth at stake!

In fact, you have so much at stake that you might be tempted to stay "on-shore".... which is very far from risk free at all!

By not taking your wealth offshore, you expose your assets to your government's control, as collateral for your tax compliance. And you are doomed to pay whatever taxes on the income from your assets, as your government pleases.

Do you dare to put a dollar value on that?

Well, you should. It won't help you that you ignore the risk - that does not make it go away!

So, you feel caught between a rock and a hard place?

You did not pay attention to what I told you, then! J

You can get the information you need - it is available, right here!

The book "Trusting the Trustee...?" is almost yours.... It is about 68 pages concentrated information that will empower you to avoid both of those two unpleasant alternatives above... It will enable you to establish and use an Offshore Trust with confidence and peace-of-mind, because you will know what it takes for you to be in control.

Compared to what you have a stake, I feel "cheap" by asking less than several hundred dollars for that book. But I want to be humble. I really want you to overcome your fear of being screwed - because I know you can do that, for good reason.

The price for my book is less than what you will have to pay even the cheapest lawyer for just 15 minutes of his time....

The price is only $34.85.... On top of that, you will get a $10 discount on a download if you from this page today....

On top of that I will give you a full money-back guarantee: If you don't feel the information is worth every single penny, you send me an e-mail with proof of your payment and ask for a full refund - and you will get it!

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Do you have any good reasons for not wanting this information?
I am serious - if you don't want it, then

Let's recap...

From this book, you will learn how to pick the Trustee that is right for you, and avoid the crooks that possible could scam you.

You will learn how to obtain and maintain effective protection of your privacy - without compromising your control.

You will learn how exactly you control assets in the Trust's ownership.

You will understand how you can optimize your relationship with the Trustee.

And remember: it is totally legal - nothing in this concept brings you in conflict with the law if you understand the rules and respect them!

You know, procrastination is not a virtue for financial success, so if you haven't ordered the book yet, you should do it now! There is no point in waiting for your boss to do it for you... J


Mogens Eliasen


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If you don't, you lose all your rights to ever collect any pity from anybody when you complain about your losses; you are doomed to never ever be allowed to lament about the money you pay to your government or creditors - NOBODY can take your whining seriously if you miss out on getting this information! And there will be no whining permitted either if you make the wrong choice of Trustee and lose everything you once owned...

The book is not available from any public sources, so when you leave this page, you have blown your chance... For the rest of your days, you will have to put on a happy smile when you continue working past your retirement age, and you pay your taxes and legal fees, and nobody will feel sorry for you!

Don't let your fear for the unknown control you when
the knowledge you need is here!
In order for you to avoid making
some very costly mistakes,
you must have this information....


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This stuff is not taught in any school or at any university that is controlled by government. But it is vital to know for anyone who has a desire to get rich and not ripped off by their own government.

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Let's say you have some valuable jewelry you want to protect. You get a safebox in your bank.

The bank gives you the key to the box. The only key that exists.

You put the jewelry in the box, close it, and walk away with the key.

Question: who controls the jewelry? The bank who owns the box? Or you who is in possession of the key?

What would change if you were not the owner of that jewelry? You still have the key to the box. The bank still owns the box. But the jewelry is owned by someone else. Who is now in control of that jewelry?

Morale: Control of assets has nothing to do with ownership. Assets are controlled by the person who has possession of the key, also when that person is not the owner.

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